Nop Jiarathanakul

creative coder

Hello! I'm 75% technologist, 25% artist, and 100% perfectionist. I love making things, especially pretty 3D things with code!

My background is in computer graphics, games, and animation. I spent a decade in San Francisco talking about WebGL and making things with Three.js. Now I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my dream at Walt Disney Imagineering where I create interactive experiences with amazing people.

I like...

indie rock


what's been on my mind

Kung Fu in 'Everything Everywhere All At Once' - June 09, 2022

Been following these guys for years now. Their first major break was actually back in…

Don't Look Up - January 04, 2022

Just watched Netflix’s new “Don’t Look Up” last night, and it is by far the most relevant…

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need a graphics guy?

Looking for hand-crafted, high-end, interactive 3D experiences for your website or product? I'm available for freelance and consulting work.

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If you're feeling curious, you can look around my old website, when I was still in college and jQuery was all the rage. In my defense, it was a decent website for 2010. It even got featured here, here, and here. Feel free to look around at my older stuff—just don't tease me about them later!

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