Expensive wine is overrated

January 05, 2020

About the first 3 years of moving to San Franciso, I became obsessed with wine (thanks, of course, to the world renowned Napa Valley.) I would buy $50, $80, $100 bottle wines, cases of them. (One time I bought a $300 bottle wine and even received a certificate for it!)

Then as part of my 2017 New Year’s resolution, I audited my budget and realized I’ve spent a stupid amount of money on wine. Since then I slowly fell out of my “blind love” for wine and started to see it for what it is.

This video reflects a lot of my recent feelings toward wine. Don’t get me wrong, I still love wine, but you really don’t need to spend $100 a bottle to have a good time. Everything in moderation. 😅🍷