Kung Fu in 'Everything Everywhere All At Once'

June 09, 2022

Been following these guys for years now. Their first major break was actually back in Shang-Chi. However, their role in that movie was barely visible. (Andy played the painted-mask Death Dealer!)

Then came the amazing Everywhere movie. The tone, the absurdity, the nonsensical fight scenes—this movie was so made for them. And oh they shone.

The thing is, Andy wasn’t traditionally trained in kung fu. He was simply a die-hard kung fu fan who taught himself through hours of kung fu flicks. As a result, he developed a unique non-traditional goofy comical style based on TV and movies. Admittedly, it’s heavily inspired by his hero, Jackie Chan, but he pushed it even further to an almost childlike playful quality.

From YouTube to Hollywood, by sticking to your guns and passion. It’s always so heartwarming to see (Asian) success stories like this. 🥋❤️